5 Tips for Brides | Planning the Day

You have booked your vendors, bought all of the essentials and now it’s time to get everything organized and planned out.

As your wedding day approaches I just want to create a little post to give some advice to those preparing for this special time.

I thought of some key points that could really help the day flow more smoothly and relieve some stress.

Now i am speaking from past experiences, and from what I know being a wedding photographer myself. I don’t claim that my opinion is the ONLY right way of doing things and im not speaking negative of anyone else. This is just some plain ol advice from a lady doing her job and putting others into some consideration.  Let’s get to it 🙂

  1. Have your items ready for the Photographer before they arrive at the getting ready location. When I start off a wedding day, i usually begin with detail photos. This is my time to get my creative juices flowing.  Also it gives everyone else time to get comfortable with the fact that there is a photographer in the room. I don’t go straight to shooting your face (with the camera of course!!) but instead lean my way into it. Since i start with these type of shots, maybe try to have your stuff put together in one spot that i can get to them.  These items include but are not limited to…rings, invitation suite, necklace, earrings, shoes, dress, hangers, photo album. Any object you would like to include to your entire wedding story. I handle everything with care, no… with my LIFE so please allow me to move around and find the best locations i think fits best.  Also,I bring my own little styling kit (which i will make a separate post going into depth about that) which i use for detail photos. It helps if i know your color scheme ahead of time so i can incorporate ribbons, ring boxes etc to help give these photos some amazing character. One more tip: Have your florist, anyone who has created bouquets and floral creations to drop off or provide you some loose flowers. They are SOOO gorgeous for details!
  2. Do NOT get ready at the same location as your groom/bride UNLESS… you are having a first look, not worried if he or anyone might get a glance at you, or your rooms are far apart. When you are getting ready, I want you be as stress free as possible. You are going to need to use the bathroom…which might be outside of your dressing room.  People will be coming in and out. And constantly worrying about who is in the hallway doesn’t help stress! Also, I love natural light. Windows, plain walls, white walls, lots of light. All key things I I look for.  These elements help me create the work that I am known for. I might have us move around to a different room that has better lighting and less clutter for some bridal portraits. Maybe there’s a gorgeous spot outside to get a few images with the bridesmaids. I can give you the shots you’re looking for, but when a bride is way too worried about a groom seeing her, it doesn’t help us get the best quality that we can. Let’s try to avoid these situations ahead of time. Now if you know for a fact you have a beautiful, well-lit, kept tidy and spacious room beforehand and positive we don’t need to leave, then yes having your groom in the same location is just fine! But let’s not prevent the professional from giving you what you deserve because the groom is somewhere too near by. I can help with timeline and location ideas as well! Just contact me at anytime xoxo.
  3. Have a family shot list for your photographer So your getting ready photos are done, the ceremony has finished and now you’re hitched. YAY!! 🙂 Family formals are here. To make this go as smooth as possible, I highly suggest providing your photographer a list. For example: Bride and groom with brides parents (using names helps too). Bride and groom with Brides parents and siblings, bride & Groom with brides grandparents…etc. This way, if your package has included a second photographer, that photographer can call out these groupings and we can save time by being organized and not wondering what we have or haven’t shot yet. And we will know exactly who needs to stay close by. Note: If there isn’t a second photographer I do keep the paper on me and do it myself. No worries there.
  4. Do not worry about guests during your portrait time. After family photos, if you didn’t have a first look, we shoot full bridal party. Then girls and guys separately. Afterwards, it is time for bride and groom portraits at a location we have discussed ahead of time.  I usually suggest at least 20-30 minutes for this. That way we can get the best spot, poses and lighting.  And during this time, your guests are traveling, at cocktail hour or socializing somewhere outside. They are doing just fine.  They are well aware of the schedule.  This is your wedding day, so please don’t rush this time with your photographer. You are allowed to take a few minutes from the day to capture your special moments as a brand new married couple. Don’t feel bad for people waiting, your portraits are important and you will not regret taking that extra few minutes for photos when you look back at your gallery. Plus i mean you are spending a good chunk of change on that dress, makeup, tux and hair AM I RIGHT?!?! This is your time to shine! Show off what ya paid for! It’s portrait time.
  5. Let your photographer do their job. Wedding photographers…we love our job! What we don’t love is uncle Tim getting in the way with his camera phone. Or Aunt Suzy telling us what to do every 5 minutes as we are already shooting something. We are hired for a reason.  We are using our artistic eye and mind to give you photos to cherish forever. We are constantly checking our equipment. We are surrounded by tons of people for 8 to sometimes 12 hrs. We are directing poses, adjusting our settings, interacting, checking the schedule and fixing your fly away hairs and crooked ties. The last thing we need are family members constantly telling us what to do.  I am all about finding ways to diminish stress where we can, and can you imagine doing your job, doing everything you are supposed to but with someone constantly on your back on what to do? It’s not fun, so please warn your family and friends ahead of time to let the people you are hiring to do their job. And of course we always take requests after the family formal shot list is done, or during dancing time at the reception. We love to take photos for everyone, but we still have a job to do. Thank you so much for understanding this. :)Planning a wedding can be very stressful, but I like to try and help in any way to make the whole process a little easier. Working together in making a wedding day go smoothly is something I really love to do. I love being a helping hand to my couples. I am here for you, your family, and any questions you have.  Your special day will be amazing, don’t fret. You got this. xoxo



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