About the photographer

I have always been an artsy gal. From dance classes, to band, and my first camera.  I knew where I wanted to be, but didn't know how to get there.  

After I received my Visual Arts Degree. I decided I want to be a photographer.  Now it wasn't the easiest goal.  I saw others become doctors,lawyers and teachers. I compared myself to everyone else. I was always told to go into graphic Design. A photographer Brooke?! How will you get by?!  Through all of the doubt I stuck with my own passion. I worked towards my goal and moved forward one.day.at.a.time. 

Everything was going great. Working towards my dreams and nothing can get in my way. But that's where I was wrong. On August 30th 2016 my mom passed away from Leukemia.  My number one supporter was taken away from me. I felt grief that I never knew existed, mostly keeping quiet trying to live with it.
 I finally realized this wasn't the life she wanted for me. To give up everything.  So I took back my motivation, started shooting more, attended workshops and gained my life back. To this day on forward I work everyday to make her proud and to give myself what i've always dreamt of.

I now only have photographs of my mom.  We didn't take much throughout the recent years, but I have a lot from growing up. Even though she isn't physically here, she is still worth remembering.

So here's my story. I've decided to share it with you.  Grief has made me stronger than ever. My passion for photography comes from not only my life's story, but your story too.  You, your relationship, your personalities and your families are just as important.  I would love to capture it.  Giving people something similar to what I hold on to everyday, is the reason why I love photography. 

“We have eyes, but we don’t always see. There’s beauty in everything. Of course the flowers and the trees but there’s more to life and it’s your own being.

 Your smile is unique and so is the body you’re given, even the scars that are permanent which you now live with.

 Your traits are special and so are your flaws. They help create a story of whom you are. You have this one life and I promise you One thing, you are  worth remembering."

Meet Brooke


three things you should know about me


Hopeless Romantic

I have been dreaming of my perfect wedding since i was a child. love makes my heart warm and my eyes water.


A Heart of Gold

ok this sounds cheesy. but I love to make people happy. It's seriously what gets me through life. Consideration has always been my middle name. other than kristine. 


A little geeky

other than photography...I can talk to you all day about pop vinyl figures, league of legends, ps4 gaming,music,makeup horror movies,anime, and netflix. i have no doubt we have common interests and im always down to discuss them with excitement.

My favorite quote

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”

— Aaron Siskind