About the photographer

I am a light and airy photographer based in Illinois. I work all over the state and enjoy experiencing new places. I received my visual arts degree in 2015. After school I started to shoot weddings. I haven't looked back ever since! My whole life I have been intrigued with art in general. From dance, to music, playing percussion, taking pictures, painting, drawing, calligraphy and more. I loved it all and i still do. If i am not out shooting I like to spend time with friends, drink some wine and listen to live music. I really enjoy a good video game, movies and my pets. Also, can't forget about my bath bomb obsession. Lush is where it's at.

Meet Brooke


My Promise

My passion as a photographer comes from my love of art, creating memories, and my mother. In 2016 my mom passed away from Leukemia. My number one supporter, motivator, and overall most important person in my life was taken away from me way too early. Now all I have left are pictures. But these pictures are so very important. I get to remember what my mom looks like, how I felt with her and I get to see how much she loved me and my family even after she is gone.  My promise is to give you the same item that I hold dear to my heart everyday. I will give you those special photographs to cherish for the rest of your life. Just like I do with mine.


-Vintage Findings

All the perfume-


I not only love to photograph these timeless pieces, but a trip to the antique mall is a blast. From Trays, Settees and different trinkets. My styling kit is growing with so many items.

My vanity has quite the collection going on. All of the different scents and pretty bottles. Yes please. They're also an important detail to a wedding day!

I love to write. The literal sense of the phrase. I like to practice calligraphy whenever I get free time. You can only imagine how much I love invitation suites! 


three things you should know about me


Hopeless Romantic

I have been dreaming of my perfect wedding since i was a child. love makes my heart warm and my eyes water. I knew a wedding photographer was the perfect fit for me!


Fond of Laughter

you've heard this before, but i believe laughter is the best medicine. period. im always down for a good time and having fun.


Considerate as a Mother

I think one of my best traits that i bring to my personal life and photography career is my consideration of others. I will hike up the biggest mountain for you, photograph in 110 degree weather and get pricked by rose bushes to get that perfect shot. whatever it takes, i am there.

My favorite quote

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”

— Aaron Siskind

Meet the team

The ladies behind the Brooke Kristine Photography Wedding Experience

Brooke & Kristy

Brooke and Kristy are the main photographers for each BKE wedding. Our bond started in 2020 and we have been a great team ever since! Kristy owns her own Boudoir photography business in Grant Park Illinois. She is the second shooter to the majority of weddings. Kristy is very easy going, just like Brooke and both have similar styles.  Just like your love story, some things are just meant to be. Brooke and Kristy couldn't be a more better duo. Our names even fit perfectly! 

More about Kristy

Boudoir photographer in Grant Park IL, and the best second shooter ever.

Hi! I’m Kristy!

I attended college at the American Academy of Art in Chicago and graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts. I loved every second of college and that's where I extended my passion for Photography! I took a Film Photography class and learned many of the skills I use today, and the rest is history!!

Photography is something I have a huge passion for and cannot get enough of!

I started photography as a hobby in 2012, and as of February 2017, I've been blessed to be able to pursue photography and arts as my full-time career and could not be more fulfilled!!

I've evolved over the years and have really zoned in on finding my number one passion in Boudoir Photography! I still love photographing all other genres, but Boudoir Photography holds a special place in my heart and really fills up my cup! I absolutely love the transformation I see in women who come to their session nervous or scared and leave confident, empowered, and feeling love for themselves that maybe was buried behind insecurities or doubt. Boudoir Photography is such an amazing gift for yourself, but as a bonus, also makes as a great gift to your future spouse as a wedding day gift!! 

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Kristy Jane

more about your wedding team


We are more than your photographers. We are a team, your friends and a helping hand.

Each wedding collection comes with a second shooter. When there are two of us, you get a second perspective throughout your wedding day. You get two hands to help with any questions or task. You get a photographer at the bridal suite and grooms at the same time.  Our friend & partnership grew easily, quickly and naturally, and that is what we bring to you as well. Laughs, hard work and fun.
Yes, Kristy is the main second shooter, but if she happens to be unavailable i do hire a trusted/hardworking partner that has a similar style as mine. You are in great hands. xoxo

let's do this!

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