As a photographer, turning 25 meant a few things.  As everyone told me, i am now a quarter of a century old! (oh joy)  but also that I am at the age of achieving some goals in my life and not just visioning them.   Make my dreams a reality! I am going to list a few goals that I have set myself for this year.




  1. Make a new wedding portfolio to show at bridal expos and at consultations. – I will make this after all my weddings this year.  I cannot wait to put all my new work together and show off all my photos that i am so proud of!
  2. Book as many gigs as i can no matter how busy it makes me. – I work a full time job as an administrative assistant and I do photography on the side.  I’ve always struggled with making myself super busy with my photography career when I wasn’t working at the office.  I am going to balance out my jobs better and focus a little more on my creative side too.  I want this business to GROW GROW GROW! 🙂
  3. Attend workshops, classes or specialized shoots held by other photographers. -The best way to get out there in the photography business is actually physically getting out there! On August 26th I am attending a stylized shoot held by another photographer and I am beyond excited.  I get to socialize and work alongside of other artists and take photos.  I can’t ask for a better way to get practice in, portfolio work done and a fun chance to just use my camera and shoot pictures! (SCORE)

I am so happy… I have so many shoots coming up in these next 3 months.  Lots of blog posts to come!  There will be weddings, senior photos, anniversary shoots, collaborations, and engagements! I can’t wait 🙂

What are some goals you have for yourself? I would love to hear all about them.



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