May 2018 | Recap

May was amazing. Filled with new experiences and good times. Yeah i know, i’m late and June is almost over…but hey! Like they always say “Better late than never!” 🙂 Also, it’s because i’ve been super busy with all my photography and work so that’s a good excuse right?!

Anyway..MAY! What can i say?

I held Mother’s Day mini sessions.  Those were so much fun.  I’m learning more about children each time! They do not like to sit still…so i have to be quick! They are quite like a ticking time bomb. When they’re happy you never know when that will switch into a little fuss. BUT despite those little things…it was great. I loved the experience.  The bond between mother and her children is so lovely and special to photograph. Kids are so cute and really love their parents and grandparents.

Then: Had a really gorgeous engagement session.  Went to the State Park in Kankakee.  I had a blast with Jennifer and David. Their personalities are super real and outgoing. They have goofy moments together and I love it. That’s how me and my boyfriend are too!


I flew on a plane for the FIRST time. It’s definitely not as bad as i thought it would be, but on the way home there was a little turbulence so that was kinda iffy. Overall, not terrible. Would do again.  The trip was to North Redington Beach Florida with my boyfriend and family. I never been on that side with the gulf so that was neat. Everything was beautiful. The drinks and food were amazing. I tried gator for the first time. Tastes like chicken! lol I had crab soup which was soooo yummy. I want more (i’m a little obsessed now).
We were there during the tropical storm, so we only had 2 days of sunshine but it was still wonderful. Saw the sunset, swam a lot and walked the beach. My boyfriend even caught crabs! 😀 haha joke. Picture below.

No worries. He wasn’t harmed and put back 🙂 (only harm made was to Derek, that crab showed him).
We also went on a boat ride. Saw Dolphins, florida landscapes, and lots of birds. Probably my favorite part.

Amazing month. Great memories. And I have pictures to savor these times forever.



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