The Importance of an Engagement Session

Quite often as a wedding photographer I am asked “Do we need to have an engagement session?”. My answer will always be YES.  I created this post because I wanted to share my important reasons on why these photo shoots are a must-have.

  1.  Special Lifetime memory.  Congratulations you just got ENGAGED. This is a huge step in any relationship.  An engagement is more than just a wedding ring, yes the bling is GORGEOUS and I love to photograph them.  BUT it’s also about your love & commitment.  You are celebrating your plans to share your lives with each other for the rest of your life.  An engagement session is your time to shine. Have someone take photos of just the two of you as you are taking this new step into your lives.  It’s saying, hey! Look at me and my new partner. We are getting married. We are planning our forever. I am ALWAYS about photographing those important life events. You can use your images for announcements, facebook profile images, home decor, your own blog…the list goes on 🙂

    The couple above were doing an engagement session-they wanted some photos at the spot where he proposed. Now that’s special!

  2. Connecting with your Photographer.  This is my most important reason. An Engagement Session is the time to get to know your photographer. It’s also an opportunity for the photographer to get to know you as well.  You want to know how your photographer interacts with you, the ideas they have, how you connect on a personal yet professional level.  I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want a complete stranger to take my wedding photos. At an engagement shoot you already get the feeling and preview of how your wedding day photography will go. You won’t have a complete mystery on who you are working with. Yeah, you’ve had a few meetings, phone calls and emails. But this is all of the thoughts and words in ACTION. The proof behind all the images they have showed you. The real-life behind the scenes, yet you are the subject. It’s just like a wedding makeup trail, a hair trial. The engagement session is your photo trial. <3
    During this photo session, I learned Jennifer & David had a goofy side they share. I LOVE THAT. So of course I had to capture it.
  3. Make it a Date.  I know life is busy with our jobs, family and other events we have going on.  It’s hard to make time to go out. Make your engagement session a date night! This is a chance to dress up, go to a location you’ve never been. (Or a spot you love, but can’t go to a lot) and have your photo session there! Dressing up is so much fun, you can also bring champagne or wine that we can crack open during the shoot! There are so many ideas you can do.  An engagement session is that perfect time to have a special night together.

Remember I said it’s a chance to dress up? Look at these two! They were looking super good!


Thank you for reading! I love engagement sessions! I love photography.



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