Outdoor Boho Wedding

It was a dark,rainy,dreary morning. BUT IT WAS WEDDING DAY!! So does that stop Brooke & David from having the time of their life? You bet not.  Rain on your wedding day means good luck right? You betcha. It was pouring all morning and then 30 minutes before the outdoor ceremony, it stopped! Now that is called perfect timing. The arch you see throughout the ceremony, the groom David built that. The rose that Brooke is holding? David made that. All of the talent and personal touches were beyond amazing. Can we also just notice how beautiful Brooke looks?! Her dress, flower crown, makeup,face…everything! Hello stunning lady. xoxo

This boho themed wedding was not only beautiful with decorations, but the bride and grooms connection had the most beauty. The way they are so comfortable with one another makes my heart happy.  I watched them clean each others teeth to smacking mosquitos off each other.  It was quite the amusement and also very warming.  They are overall sweet people and so was the family and friends.  Thank you for this opportunity. Congratulations!


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