Gift ideas for Photographers

Hello everyone!

As you all know, it’s the holiday season! We are shopping around for our friends and family to give them a gift they will love.  It isn’t always easy picking something out. I understand.   It can be a bit tricky because you want to give them a gift that is fun yet useful. Today, I’m going to talk about a specific type of person to shop for. Ba-Da-Baaa….  Photographers!
If you are shopping for someone who is a photographer… I have a few great ideas for you!  I am speaking from my own opinion here (I may or may not have asked my family for some of these SAME items!). Some of my suggestions are super affordable for all different budgets, easy peasy lemon-squeezy gifts and just overall hepful.
If there’s anything you have questions on or feel i should even add to the list…let me know 🙂

1. Gift Cards:
I know this sounds boring.  A lot of people seem to dislike gifting these. But let me tell you…they’re SO useful.  A photographer can use these gift cards towards any purchase they need. We love to shop at our online camera stores, Best Buy for misc equipment, and even target! (okay, so you can buy non photography related items here as well…hehe who doesn’t love Target??)

2. StompSoftware:
Alright so you hate the gift card idea. I got you! Stompsoftware is a program with 3 different options to help photographers showcase their work and/or create albums! You can get blogstomp, albumstomp, or Albumprfr.  I personally am asking for blogstomp this year because I want to create beautiful collages for my website and blog posts! You can purchase them separately or ALL IN ONE.  The blogstomp is $49
Here is the link:

3. Memory Cards: 
Let me tell you, we could always need new ones. These are everything to us, they are an ESSENTIAL. A must have. A NEED…you get the picture 😉  Here’s a link to good quality SD memory cards that are also fast enough to keep up with our cameras. Memory cards link
There are also the CF Memory cards. My specific camera doesn’t take these kind, but some models do.  So here’s another option Memory Card Link

4. MagnetMod:
Your loved one might be using flash!  And even if they shoot primarily in natural light (like me) they still need to use flash at certain times.  As for me, mainly at wedding receptions.  The Magnetmod is a website that sells flash diffusers and light modifiers.  I am personally getting the Magsphere to soften my light when i need it. I will be focusing a lot more on my flash in 2019!

5. Styling Items
This one is more focused on wedding and product photographers.  It may seem a little silly but we love collecting pretty-little items. Anywhere from Ribbons, boards, stamps, cards, trays, ring boxes, jewelry and more! I have a styling kit i bring to every wedding!

Silk Ribbon:

The Mrs. Box:

Styling Boards:

Command Hooks: 

Ring Dish:

I can go on, I will make a separate styling kit post soon!

There’s so much you can gift a photographer, but these 5 things are what stuck out to me this year.

I hope this was post was helpful! Happy Shopping! xoxo





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