Erika & Quentin | Engagement Session

I told you Kankakee River State Park is one of my favorite locations.  But it never gets old.

I had a lot of fun with Erika and Quentin! A special fact is that I went to the same Highschool and graduating class as Erika! I always love catching up with people. She’s a nurse now and works with one of my best friends.  How cool is that?! I love my nurses. They have an important job that I myself could not do. <3

When Erika asked me if she could bring her dog to the session for a few pictures I wont lie. I was super excited! We did a couple with their fur baby, and then we proceeded with the rest of our time together.

A tip for anyone who wants to do this for their session. Make sure to bring a family member that can take the dog home or hang out with so that way we can focus on the rest of our shoot. Erika’s mom came and helped and it worked out perfectly!

Congratulations to these two! Looking forward to their wedding at the Starved Rock this October. xoxo



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