Rebekah & Josh | Engagement Session

When i first heard from Rebekah i was shocked.  They are having their wedding in Danville IL.  Which is not far at all from me! It’s so nice to meet new people that are in the area. As much as i love to travel to everyone, it’s just a pleasant surprise sometimes 🙂
At our initial meeting together I learned quite a bit about Rebekah and Josh.  And the number one thing that I LOVE is that they are music people! Rebekah is a music teacher and Josh is writing the song she is walking down the aisle to.  Talk about special! Music is a big part of my life, so I am going to say im a tad jealous of their talents! And fan girling because musicians are amazing. xoxo

They are also living in a long distance relationship at the moment.  Rebekah is living here in Illinois all while Josh is in Connecticut. At our session together, which is the first time i’ve met Josh, i could tell how much they really love one another.  It was so sweet seeing their natural bond.  These two are super sweet and I am beyond excited for their wedding in June!


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