Rebekah & Josh

An intimate small town wedding in Danville, IL

On Saturday June 22nd 2019 a bond of true love came together as one. The rain did not stop these two from coming together as husband and wife. They already spent too much time apart. I am so insanely inspired by Bekah and Josh. They had a long distance relationship leading up to the wedding day. Josh lived over in Connecticut and Bekah here in Danville IL. The fact that distance didn’t keep these two apart is really heartwarming. That just screams out TRUE LOVE. Well, it does to me at least. 🙂 They both surround their life with music and their faith. Bekah taught kids as a music teacher and I know Josh plays music as well. In fact, he composed the song for the ceremony. So many feels with these two love birds. Not only do they share a strong bond with each other, but they are one of the sweetest couples i have ever met. I too surround myself with music in my life so it was great to connect on that level with them.

We started off for the first look at a local park in Danville. We were on this gorgeous bridge. There was quite a bit of rain during the first look, but good thing for clear umbrellas! The rain actually stopped for the rest of the portraits and I couldn’t have been more grateful for that! Congratulations to these two beautiful people, your day was amazing filled with family and loved ones.


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