My Style & Finding Yours

To seek, see, create and share.

Hello fellow photographer. Or Bride looking for a photographer. You are most likely here because you want to see my intake on style. My work. Or you are just interested in the read. Let me tell you now, I’m not grade A on writing, my sister is the master in this field. I’m debating on hiring her someday to write my posts me. LOL 🙂
So i will do my best here to be informative and get my idea across in the most professional yet personal way possible.
P.S. A little fun thing i did: Placed cute little GIFS (a moving image) throughout this post. :3 Just click on the links when you see one!

Photography. & Being a Photographer.
I ask you: What do these terms even mean? That’s a broad question I want to give you. Because that’s the thing, everyone’s meaning is different when it comes down to this medium.
You can be a photographer if you’re someone who just loves to shoot wildlife, Landscape and the creatures in your backyard. You can be like my father who loves shooting projects in his home by using different settings and objects and move on to the next one when he’s done. Then there are photographers who capture people. Through milestones, moments, events, and life. There are all different sorts of subjects. And then there is style.

My chosen subjects are people. Mainly capturing Weddings, Engagements (couples in loooove), Maternity, and family.
My style? Well that’s where it gets tricky. Being a photographer to the point to where I now work for people. Get paid. Create something for people to look at to feel happy. Is a lot of pressure, because there are SO many just like me. But with style and basic photography knowledge. Amazing things happen.

So Brooke-What is your style and how do I find mine?

I look at photography as not only memories, but art work as well. I love shooting because the final gallery is MY final piece. That’s what I did with my ideas, my knowledge, and camera. Besides photography I also like to draw and handwriting. I make pieces that combine those two elements. When I sit down to work on a drawing, I take a combination of a bunch of examples from movies, songs, drawings already made, and ideas in my head to compile it into one visual on paper. I feel like that’s how I work with photography as well.
MY STYLE: I like light and airy (beautifully bright from sunlight, but still some shadows and contrast to pop). I love the softness, light shadows, and grains of fine art photography. I think film photography is stunning and would to shoot that some day. I recently have worked a bit in the darker warm style as well. As long as my images are clear and sharp, I seem to have a combination of everything in my style. I do steer more towards the light and airy, but I love to create with a mixture of it all.

Right now, for weddings its light and airy but if someone wants a golden-more dark and romantic style- I will do that too! (See my recent session below for example). So much different than what I usually do, but I LOVED working with different settings and editing work flow.

Creating a photography style:
Note: this is simply MY way of trying to put it all into words. If you don’t agree with me, that is fine. We all have our own opinions and experience.

If you want to think about creating a style in a more scientific way.

Controlled Variable: (What is kept the same)-So clear, sharp and non flat images are a must have. Make sure to know your camera settings. The lens you use and be familiar with working in your surroundings.
P.S.-You’ve probably heard this a million times, but shooting in manual and RAW is key. RAW is great for editing and manual is just a must because you understand your camera better and have more control.
Independent Variable: (What is changed and controlled)-This is where you can dig in and be creative. You have all your Technical settings, and knowledge but now it’s time to do YOU. Do you like your images a little brighter? Or darker? You can decide to work with more natural light or Flash. Do you like grain or crisp?

^^^ Images from my Campfire mini session. Notice i Still have my quality-but I edited in a different style. I am OBSESSED. I created a mini session flyer to do even more!

Contact me if you’re interested. This was so fun and gorgeous! -You can include smores, your dogs, your S/O or child. LETS DO ITTT 😀

The best way to find out what you want your style to be, is to just go out and shoot, shoot, shoot. Keep playing with your settings. And post processing.

Don’t let other photographers success or style intimidate you. Try not to compare yourself to them. But do learn from them 🙂 OR create something brand new! That’s the beauty of photography. The endless possibilities.

—Figure out what you seek, go shoot, create. & then share.—


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