Alexandria & Trevor | Engagement Session

Charming downtown Peotone Illinois engagement session

Oh wow what can I say about Alex and Trevor? Where to begin?! They are wonderful! From the start we had a great connection. One of my favorite things about being a photographer is i get to really learn about people. I learn their interests, their characteristics, and much more. Alex actually goes to the same gym that I do. So that right there is pretty awesome and relatable. But that’s not it. You guys, they are MUSICIANS! I am a sucker for music. It’s such an important role in my life. Trevor plays guitar and even has a band. *SO SICK* and Alex plays flute at a local orchestra. I believe she said they meet once a week. So ya, how cool is that? I grew up playing piano, I was a huge band geek in High school, so whenever I meet a couple who has a passion for music, i get all giddy inside. They have pretty cool interests, but they are also overall cool people. I could hangout with them for hours. Just saying. Thanks for having me capture your engagement! I cannot wait for your wedding next October. xoxo


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