Olivia & Trevor | Engagement

Talk about a beautiful couple! Trevor and Olivia originally met in highschool, so when they started dating a few years after they graduated, they already knew each other!
I think that’s so cool, because you get to go down memory lane, but also learn how the other person has grown over time!
After dating for a few years, Trevor popped the question at a winery in Napa California! Wine and a ring, yes please! Over the time frame I have met and got to know these two i have learned they like wine, Olivia likes books (we share the love for Barnes and Nobles) and they like animals! They have two very adorable dogs (and i have cats…same thing right?) I thought we were a perfect match! 😉
Location: We went to the Kankakee County state park-this place is super popular in my hometown area. There’s plenty of different trees and options on where to shoot. They have trails, water, rocks….etc. LOVE IT.
Can’t wait to shoot their wedding in June! It’s going to be so pretty and fun.

“If you look into my eyes, you will find me, but look into my heart you will find you.”


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