Summer Favorites

Well it’s the middle of September and Fall is almost here.  I’ve had a lot of photo opportunities already this year and still lots more to go. I wanted to share my favorite pieces that i’ve done over the summer as a re-cap. Now, I am proud of ALL of my work, and all of my clients gave me great opportunities. As an artist I like to look at certain photographs that show me how i’ve really developed as a photographer. Pieces that i’m proud of  and keep me motivated. I think we all have a right to feel good about things we’ve accomplished and share it with the world, or anyone we want really.

First photo: Bride and groom exit photo. I really love all the emotion here. I love how happy the bride and groom look and everyone surrounding them. I like the lighting and the bubbles everywhere. I really enjoy natural-candid moments.


I can’t explain enough how much I love detail shots. Rings, flowers, shoes,signs, accessories, fabric…the list goes on. Details are very important to any event. They make photographs interesting and beautiful.


This summer I also took part in some portrait sessions. I had so much fun working with these girls.  I can’t wait to photograph more sessions like these!


By the way, lots of these photographs were taken with my 85mm lens 1.8.  This portrait lens is awesome and I am so excited to use it on a wedding this saturday! I am able to achieve beautiful bokeh and it’s pretty easy to work with.
Here’s a few more favorites and then that is all!  🙂





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