How to overcome wedding day -anxiety-

I decided to write about something a little different today to get this week started!!

I’m pretty sure all photographers get nervous before it’s time for wedding photo sessions. Weddings can be a big source of anxiety. I have been told by other photographers that they quit or won’t even bother doing weddings because they’re afraid that they will ruin a person’s wedding day. I’ve been asked how I shoot 80% of my weddings alone because it’s hard work. Any job is hard work, especially when you want to give it 110%. Here is how I deal with all of this as a photographer!


1.) Preparation. 
-I’m sure this is a no brainer, but it’s VERY important.  I know when I have a wedding coming up, so i always make sure I have the little tools i need a few weeks before wedding day.  I make sure to have multiple charged batteries, a few memory cards, a back up camera, and all of my lenses that i need are in my camera bag ready to be used.

-Not only do i prepare myself with checking my gear, but i prepare myself creatively and mentally.
Creatively:I am constantly looking up photography blogs and admiring other artists work.  I watch posing tutorials, I read how to grow a business and I look up tips for shooting weddings.  No matter if I have photographed a wedding the week before or a month ago, I will always look into ways i can excel in my job.  I practice all the time with my camera, and I take mock wedding photos while working with other creatives.

Mentally: I’ve had pre wedding day anxiety to where I couldn’t sleep the night before. I would get so nervous that it would make me sick to my stomach. After putting myself through all of this I realize one thing. I care. I care so much to make my clients happy that I let my nerves eat me up until I have nothing left.  This is not healthy for anyone so I want to share what to do instead and still care. So it’s a win/win!
Listen to music. It helps SO MUCH. Motivational songs will inspire you to get your bum up and do your job.  Read on the internet how other photographers get through the same feelings (Which is what inspired me to write this post). Look at your previous work and remember why your clients hired you. You got this!!

2.) During.

When i photograph a wedding the first thing i do is shoot details. This gives me the time to get re acquainted with my camera.  I have time to play with my settings, put items together to get pretty photographs, and have some time to myself before all eyes are on me. This is a little time to start up my creativity for the day and get my mind going.  Details are super important and every bride appreciates them so much. Knowing I will make the bride satisfied with these images boosts my confidence for the remaining of the day.

Example: Before my time slot even started on a wedding day, I decided to show up to the reception hall early to capture some detail photographs.  I started early because I wanted good lighting, a chance for what I explained in the above paragraph, and you never know how tight time is going to be later on. I found a way to make sure I got what I needed. Giving that 110% helps with my nerves a TON.

3.) Take some time for yourself.
I don’t know about you, but self care is very important in my opinion.  If you need a drink of water, take a few minutes to do so. If you need to use the bathroom…go! If you need to sit for 5 minutes because you have been working your butt off, take that 5 mins and rub your toes (Just not during the first kiss at the ceremony!)

After I took some photographs at the venue, I found a vintage mirror and took a few minutes to myself for a selfie. I was doing fantastic with time, so why not enjoy myself a little bit? Have some fun for 2 minutes! As long as you’re getting your work done. 🙂  Taking a few minutes to yourself can help ease nerves!

4.) Just do what you gotta do

So how do i shoot weddings alone? How do I shoot weddings in general?
I just DO! 🙂

 I have shown my clients my work before we booked. Also, more than likely we worked together at the engagement shoot. I’ve prepared myself with checking my gear, I have my experience that i need and I give 110%.  How will i know my camera (& backup) wont just blow up in my hands? Or my memory card just stops working all of a sudden and my pictures are gone?  I don’t! We can only do so much and at the end of the day. Remember…we are not god. Accidents happen, but lets just hope they never do! (And do what we can to prevent them)

We can’t stop the bad from happening, but we can’t let it stop us from doing our jobs 🙂

-I just do what I need to do-
( I sound like a NIKE commerical… JUST DO IT lol)



So that’s the advice I have on how to over come wedding day anxiety! Make sure to prepare your gear and your mentality, start off your day with the details or whatever helps to ignite your motivation, take a few minutes to yourself at a decent moment, and just do what you can…the best you can! Our clients hire us for a reason. Don’t forget your worth and don’t let fear keep you from success!

Reception venue: Knights of Columbus -Cameo Room-

Outdoor location: Four Rivers Environmental Education Center






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