Kankakee River State Park | Proposal

Beautiful, romantic, sweet, thoughtful…so many words cant even begin to describe Anthony’s proposal to Lauren.

A few weeks before mothers Day, Anthony reached out to me on facebook messenger. He knew that Lauren had booked some maternity pictures with me for July. He proceeded to ask me if I could photograph a secret: The proposal to his other half. He said he wanted it done on Mothers Day and hoped it would be okay. He is such a considerate person! I told him it was completely okay, I had no plans (not that i don’t love my mother, she just passed away). With excitement I said yes! I would love to! -Not that I would even consider saying no-
For days we exchanged messages. Going over plans, times and complications. He put so much thought into it. And in the end it all worked out. Anthony and Lauren have two children with one more on the way. Mothers Day seemed like the perfect idea! Also, that green bridge? Thats the spot he asked her to be his girlfriend. Guys, the cuteness is real. Congratulations to these two! To this beautiful family.


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