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The groomsman Suit is a wedding suit and tuxedo Business located in Chicago IL.

We have personally worked with The Groomsman Suit for shoots.

The overall experience is wonderful. Ever since our first email together they have been nothing but kind, supportive, caring and generous. The support and customer service is a 10/10.

Not only are they fast at responding and friendly, but the quality of the suits are exceptional. We have used a black suit and a grey one. Both looked amazing!

If you are looking for suits for your wedding as a groom and for your groomsmen…this is a place to go!

Before I show off some pictures I have a SPECIAL OFFER for you!
Use this link http://rwrd.io/d781ckc to recieve 10% off your first $150 purchase.

Now that’s what i’m talking about! I love when i have any opportunity to save a little bit of money.


The black suit here is so rich, bold and charming. Perfect for a super elegant wedding.

This grey suit is perfect for a bright and simplistic style. If your wedding includes any pinks or yellows this is definitely a fantastic option!

Check out our shoot with The Groomsman Suit that got published on Chi Thee Wed:

Chi Thee Wed Feature Link

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